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OpsCon Firenze 2016: le slide degli interventi

A dieci giorni da OpsCon Firenze abbiamo raccolto in questo post le slide degli interventi.

OpsCon Firenze, Ottobre 2016: le slide dei talk.

Impact of distributed strategy through a DevOps culture at 2ndQuadrant

Gabriele Bartolini


Impact of distributed strategy through a DevOps culture

DevOps culture in a collaborative work environment where initiative, practice and failures are considered to be the best way to improve.

Docker Operations – Six memos for the next infrastructure

Federico Minzoni

Docker Operations

Strumenti e pratiche per configurare e gestire un cluster Docker di produzione.


Web Scraping & Web Harvesting: implicazioni legali


Andrea Palumbo

Web scraping e raccolta di dati on line Come orientarsi tra normativa privacy, diritto d’autore e tutela delle banche dati

Ethical Hacking from inside – Step 1: Code Review

Sandro “Guly” Zaccarini

Ethical Hacking from inside

So called “Ethical Hacking” is a very complex beast: let’s slice it and approach one step a time. During the first episode, we’ll talk about code review.

Operate with an openstack deployment by code

Alessandro Martellone

OpsCon: i talk precedenti

OpsCon è su Speardeck con le slide dei talk delle precedenti edizioni.

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